Headshot, of Asian woman, wearing white top, black hair, pulled to a bun, brown eyes, auburn lipstick
Headshot, black man, crew cut, white shirt, black suite, light blue and red tie
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Headshot Photographer West Palm Beach


Professional Headshots

Professional Headshot, wearing blue suit and blue shirt, and yellow tie with blue squares

Model Headshots

Model Headshots of Rebecca Vaughan wearing a white top, brown eyes, black curtly hair

Business Portraits

business portrait, Asian male, black hair, brown eyes, wearing a blue suit and white shirt

why are PROFESSIONAL headshots important?

To convey your professionalism.
To showcase your Confidence, Approachability, and Lookability

How the action Happens


Headshot Cost, Rates and Session at Maicol Headshots Photo by Zan on UnSpash

Schedule the date and time that best suits you.


BTS of Maicol Headshot photographing a Business Headshot

Bring several outfits that you like to wear. Don't worry I'll coach you through the process.


BTS of Maicol Headshots culling through business portraits

Once retouched, you will receive an email link to your images, to download and share!

Feeling nervous? Concerned about how you will look?

No worries, as a Confidence and Expression coach, it's my job to help make you feel comfortable.

We will work together to make you feel confident, approachable and have the look factor to make people notice.

Check out the video for a peak at how will make it happen.


Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor
VCIO at TaylorWorks
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What separates Maicol from other photographers is his dedication to getting you to look your best and be your best self in front of the camera. I will be returning to his services in the future for my photography needs.​
Claire Boutte
Claire Boutte
Ballerina / Dance Instructor
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I always feel nervous when being photographed, however, Maicol made those feelings go away. My session was one of the best experiences I ever had and I will be getting my updated headshots from Maicol.
Maicol Harrop, Jr.
Maicol Harrop, Jr.
Model / Fitness Instructor
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Maicol makes you feel extremely comfortable and like a superstar from the moment you first meet him. I highly recommend working with him if you get the chance, his focus will be on you looking your best in front of the camera.

In today's world, your headshot is your digital handshake. A professional headshot helps to tell your story, control your brand and deliver the message you want.

Maicol ~ Headshot Photographer
Maicol Osorio from Maicol Headshots wearing blue polo top

Office Headshots

Showcase your team's unity
Have a consistent look and feel across the team
Deliver a team professional message to your clients


Your headshot should convey your:
CONFIDENCE: You are an expert in your field. Show it.
APPROACHABILITY: Let people know you are a team player.
LOOKABILITY: An authentic image of you helps to build trust and credibility.

Professional Headshot, bold, wearing blue suit and tie, white shirt

Professional Headshot

In today’s world, you need a professional headshot that helps you stand out from the crowd. And while a headshot is a specific type of portrait that is mainly focused on the face, it is not just an image of your face, and it’s about you as a brand. It's about catching the attention of your potential clients, future employer, etc. As an Expression and Confidence coach is my job to work with you to make your headshot stand out. To help you deliver the impact to make them take notice.

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model headshot of Jarrett Stockman, wearing blue sweater, brown hair, mustache and goatee, hazel eyes

Model Headshot

Having a unique model headshot will catch the eye of casting directors, model scouts, and agencies. It's always good to have several different looks and styles for your model headshot. As an expression and confidence coach, I will work with you to pull the right look for the different styles you bought to the session to make you pop for your images. Also, I will do some portraits with different looks and styles to maximize the session and gather enough images for your portfolio.

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business portrait women, with blue eyes, long blond hair, wearing blue dress

Business Portrait

A business portrait has to embody the style, essence, and personality of the entrepreneur. The image has to showcase who the entrepreneur is and the images are usually used in commercial or professional settings of the entrepreneur.

Business Portraits, Employee Headshots, Office Headshots, On-Location Headshots, Staff Headshots, Student Headshots, Realtor Headshots, Real Estate Headshots


As the Headshot Photographer in West Palm Beach, I am conveniently located near the Palm Beach County Convention Center. I am 5 minutes off of I-95 and Okeechobee and 5 minutes from the West Palm Beach downtown district, Rosemary Square.