Maicol Headshots Affiliates

Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew is the world’s largest team of headshot and portrait photographers.   I am an Associate Headshot Photographer of the Headshot Crew.  You can find more information about the crew at

The Studio 1016 is a collaborative workplace for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers.  Located in the heart of the Warehouse District and Downtown West Palm Beach.  It is where my studio is currently located.   You can find more information at

Emerald Sky is an Inbound Marketing company that focuses on using website design and builder services, internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), branding and imaging projects, social media marketing and networking, graphic design, and most importantly your vision to become the company that you need and achieve your goals. You can find more information at

New York’s Hair Studio, based out of Wellington, FL Luna Salon suite, is the only hairstylist that I will recommend for your hair needs. She is a trained Dominican (of Cuban descent)  hairstylist, that specializes in natural and curly hair.

In-Doe is a member of the hip-hop duo Goldyard. A native New Yorker who made his way down to Atlanta. In-Doe’s sound is a unique infusion of that New York culture and grit mixed with that influential rhythm and blues of the south. The music on my website is provided by In-Doe, check them out at

CDRVisuals is a Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Dance photographer based out of West Palm Beach, Fl. Chase helps Individuals radiate confidence while showcasing their physique.  He has also joined the Headshot Crew and is a protege, working on perfecting his Headshots.   You can find more information at