Headshot Preparation


Preparing Your Clothes

Rule # 1: Make sure the clothes are fitted to your body and that you are comfortable in them.
Rule # 2: Select solid colors that compliment your skin tone. Avoid patterns, logos, and the colors black and white.
headshot-preparation-guide-woman-with earrings
Rule # 3: Avoid long earrings and distracting jewelry that draws attention away from the face.

Prepping Your Skin

Rule # 1: Drink plenty of water the week leading to the headshot session. This helps your skin heal and look more radiant.
Rule # 2: Keep your skin clean and moisturized daily. Eat healthy and avoid fried and salty foods that can cause bloating.
Rule # 3: Avoid exposing your skin to the sun which can cause skin irritation.
Rule # 4: Get plenty of sleep to avoid bags under the eyes and to help repair the skin of any damages.

Prepping Your Hair

Rule # 1: Select a hairstyle/cut that compliments your face and represents who you are to the world.
Rule # 2: Have your hair styled, cut or trimmed a few days before the Headshot so that your hair settles into place.
Rule # 3: Wash and moisturize your hair when having it styled. This helps your hair settle into place and will still be prepared for the day of the shoot.
Rule # 4: When you change your hairstyle, update your Headshot. For a professional you want your image to be current and for a model/actor it shows you can carry multiple looks.

Makeup Tips

Rule # 1: Your makeup should be light and natural looking. Similar to your style when heading to work Remember, you want your headshot to represent you.
Rule # 2: Your foundation should match your skin tone and should be used to enhance your skin.
Rule # 3: Your eyelashes should natural and not overdone.
Rule # 4: Make sure to have a touch-up kit handy you never know when you need it.

Beard, Mustache, & Nose Hair

Beards: Get them trimmed and styled to enhance your face, not hide it. Get it done a few days before your headshot, so that the hair has time to settle into place.
Mustaches: The same rules as the beard applies to mustache. Make sure it’s cut and styled a few days before so the mustache settles into place. You don’t want the mustache to be the center piece of the headshot.
Nose: Trim those nose and ear hairs so they are not front and center of the headshot shoot. So take care of that nose and don’t forget the ears too.

Final Tips

Tip # 1: Plan your outfit. You might want to pick out and set aside your outfit a few days before. Make sure you iron or press it and have it ready to go.
Tip # 2: Don’t be critical of yourself, we are our worst critics. You are beautiful or handsome just the way you are. Just enjoy yourself and know it will take various shots to get the best.
Tip # 3: Remember to communicate if something comes up, let us know. It’s not the end of the world. We can reschedule you or push back the time if you are running late. We know life happens.
Tip # 4: Relax! Try to be in a relaxed mode before and leading up to the photoshoot. You do not want those stress lines showing up in the images.